Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just Can't Get Enough!

The great pit pike.
Jase, Lane, and their 1st pit catch.
Jase & Lane W.

Looks like a struggle, but they really were just playing!

Shallow enough to stand- no danger!
Carly and I having some fun on the water.

Crazy haired boy!

My "artsy" shot.

Jay out for some jet-ski fun.

More of my favorite subject.

Carly and Lane S. getting Sea-doo sprayed.

Let's hear it for more summer fun with the kids! Another scorcher in North Pole, Alaska brought us pack down to "The Pit" for some Sea-doo-'in fun and swimming. Then Jason and his buddy Lane W. showed up after some fun at the golf course and played hard for 20 minutes. Then they went back to Lane's to have horror-movie-thon, fun with their buddy Zach, and back here for another sleep-over so they could get up and go fishing this morning. Check out their catch!

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Anonymous said...

great pics! Love fishin' at the pit!