Wednesday, April 1, 2009

He's such a pain . . . Actually, they both are!

So, we all know I don't make a lot of money. We all know I live and survive off of my husband J- I've heard about it for years (many, many years). But, I do work. Two jobs. Both I would do as a volunteer if I could afford it, but I can't. So, this year, like years in the past, I have planned ahead for my husband's birthday. I normally have to save bits of money at a time for months out of my paychecks. These checks are usually used for groceries, my gas, and anything the kids need extra. I finally had enough money put away to get him his gift. I may as well tell you all what it is because it doesn't matter anymore. I saved a measly $200.00 for a new iPod. Just like Jason's but with more room. J had mentioned he liked it and his old one wasn't working anymore. Jason and I began getting it ready - downloading albums J likes, movies he mentioned wanting to see, games, and music videos. Jason contributed a $50.00 gift card he had gotten as a gift toward filling his dad's iPod. Then Phil came over with his new toy.
An iPhone.
That was all it took. J's got a new number now. . . I don't know it - but I know the family plan we were paying for through another server is moot. And I suppose I can add that bill now to the list of things I'm not going to be able to afford on my own. (And I really try to - about 7 years ago I vowed another person wasn't going to accuse me of spending J's hard earned money.)

Now J has decided he would try to learn how to navigate iTunes and has found all of the purchased music etc. But not on his own . . . Phil has shown him right where everything is. But in Phil's defence he has given J hundreds of songs so I don't think J can tell the difference between what we got him and what Phil put in there. Then he lends him his old iPod.

Now, we are just trying to decide what to do with J's gift. We can't afford another gift without using family money. Jason is tapped out of gift cards and I'm tapped out of money as now I am committed to another payment, phone bill, and hockey is coming up again - I have $360.00 going out in the next 3 weeks that I have to budget from my stupid jobs. That's right, I said "stupid" just like a cranky 7 yr old.
So, do we just givethe gift to him anyway? And when? The next time he's shuffling through iTunes? On his birthday in 25 days? (Yeah. We've been working on this since Jan/Feb.) Or do I try to budget out for another gift? And if so, what and how? And what do I do with the iPod? I can't return it.

I've notice I've been pretty irritated in the evenings trying to figure out what to do now. I need to pay Jason back for the gift card. I'm annoyed ever time J gets on iTunes or talks about his iPhone (but not because I want one, which I think is what he thinks). When Phil calls I feel like hanging up on him although he has apologized and would have done anything to avoid this had he known.
I guess I wouldn't be so annoyed if this hasn't been happening for 12 of the 14 years we've been together. The first time . . . 1997. I had to borrow the money that time.


Alyce said...

Well, obviously there's nothing you can do about it now, but take it with a grain of salt. Maybe you could get him an accessory for the iphone, I found a website at They have everything from armbands(which are great for working out), bluetooth accessories(for talking hands-free in the car), earphones, car chargers, adapters, screen protectors, and just about everything is under $20.00. Just something to think about. As for what to do with the brand new Ipod?? If you can't return it, then I guess keep it for yourself!

pattycakes said...

Yep...keep it for deserve it!

Derek knows nothing about the money we have....I like you, live off of my husband as well (considering one of your jobs is my job as well, you know how little I make), but I am the bill person...for all he knows I have millions of dollars tucked away off of his checks. He just hands it over and I do my thing!!

Sorry it didn't work out...but you should get a A+ for should have married a werewolf, like me! haha just kidding! said...

Oh Patty, thanks. That was funny! And yet another point for Jacob. Damn-it!

As for the iPod - my Dad said I bought it for him so I should give it to him which is what I intended on doing . . . but now instead of a happy face, J's going to have to pretend he likes it and stuff yet another gift in a drawer.