Thursday, April 30, 2009

He'd do anything to win . . .

Jason and his beautiful long hair. He decided it was time to give up the lush locks for a big race tomorrow. Its supposed to be 70+ degrees out and he'll be outside all day. He didn't want that hair and sweat weighing him down so . . . we called Haanah.
The sweet sweet mullet. We think he should have gone at least the day with the mullet, but no such luck. C'mon. Wouldn't that be awesome? Jase showing up to school with a mullet and going off to a track meet?

The "After". Back to big eyes and baby face. Its like he's seven again. Okay, maybe nine.

Here's hoping it shaves time off his 200mtr! Get it, "shaves" time? Ah, I love words.


Alyce said...

WOW. I actually really liked the mullet! I thought it looked really cool..He shoulda kept it!!!!!

Uncle Rob said...

You look good either way, Jason, and would look good in a buzz cut. I hope you did well racing, after cutting off all that weight on your head.