Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Jason (feb 5)

Jason's 12th Birthday Cake! He doesn't like cake anyway - But give him a strawberry cupcake anyday!

Me and my Jase.

Jason and a friend playing video games using computer cheats. He had 3 people over that weekend and they kept pretty busy annoying everyone in the house with the wrestling and nerf wars. We were actually greatful for the quiet game time. We try not to do birthday parties . . . there are usually too many people feeling like they aren't included, so we keep things small with close friends only. Its so much easier that way and then no one has to pretend they like someone they don't. I think being a kid is hard enough. They don't need to be learning to be so fake at such a young age.
Course, the nice thing is we can change our mind at any moment and just invite everyone so the kids can really rake in the gifts. I'm KIDDING!

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