Thursday, February 26, 2009

In the Morning

Waiting for the bus.

Carly looks like she is complaining again - but she wasn't.
I seem to either get a great picture of her or one of these mid sentence ones. Oh, well.
Hmmm, morning hair? Caden refuses to get a hair cut, but it isn't like he has good long hair! Its pretty wild if it has any length to it at all. But then again, it is wild when it is short too. He has these hairs that just wont lay down on the top of his head. Then he has one side of his head that likes to stick out. I guess this morning, he figured he would just work with what he had. He couldn't get the side to go down, so he put the other side up.


aldyce said...

Love that 1st pic of Caden

analaskanmom said...