Monday, December 15, 2008

A Weekend of Games

We had yet another weekend full of hockey. Don't get me wrong . . . I Love the game. Big Flyers fan and I'm totally gonna marry Mark Recchi some day (despite the Penguin affiliation . . .and I don't think J would mind). But - sometimes it gets a little much for the little ones to constantly be at a rink only sort-supervised. I have to give a HUGE "THANK YOU" to Jared Linnell who amuses my little ones at the rinks. Boy does he have patience! This weekend seemed well worth the chaos for Jase and Caden both.

Caden got to skate in an Ice Dogs game Friday night between periods and he got to skate with his friends. Its adorable to watch the bonds form between little boys with a common goal (get it, goal, like a goal in hockey . . . ya know the whole play on words thing . . . I crack me up). He was so excited and got to "hang out" a little afterward with some team mates. Jase was also at the game with his team mates selling 50/50 tickets. So he took his friends - and some other rather annoying school mates - and cheered on his little brother down on the boards. It was a great gesture by a great big brother and I was proud of them both. . . I only wish I had a picture to add of Caden - but I do have some video to show his wife someday.

Jason had 3 games this weekend. The first you couldn't even call a game - it was one BIG penalty. J had to go back to work because the game took soooo long. It was a constant whistle being blown by a tiny man with a big ol' belly, and I'm not talking about Santa! They won their next two games. But can you really call those games? They were more like practice scrimmages with a very mean squirt team. But we had some great refs who chose to instruct the kids instead of wearing out their whistles. Eventually, the penalties had to get called because BOY were some of those vicious!

Oh yeah - the best part of the games . . . the look of pride on Jase's face when he scored his first goal in a game since mites (which was an awesome tie breaking goal at the time). Then he scored in the next game as well. So Jase, I'm so proud of you for sticking with it, trying and trying and trying, not letting things get you down, and proving that you have every right to be on the ice as everyone else.

And during Ice Puppies, Caden got to get his pictures (he's thrilled to have trading cards this year!), he sat on Santa's lap, and scored in one of his scrimmages.

All around, my boys had a great hockey weekend and I'm so happy for them. Carly? Well, she had the special honor of spending a day with Daddy Christmas shopping and picking out our perfect tree. Thanks Carly!

(this section was deleted after deciding my rant was so yesterday! - until this weekend's games anyway)

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pattycakes said...

I'm so happy Jason scored a couple of goals. Maybe Carson can get one now. I don't know if has scored since Mites either. Jared loves playing with the kids!
Happy Birthday Caden!