Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving dinner

Phil didn't eat his vegtables because they were steamed, not raw. Yeah, right. Like he would have eaten them raw.
Carly took this time to try her hand at texting.

So, for dinner we went to The Cattle Company. All of us went, and Cousin Phil, and Ron Templeton and his son Tanner. Everyone was pleased with our dinner. Jason ate ribs and the younger ones had pizza. Sounds like Thanksgiving huh? The best part was running into the Linnell's and other team members. When Carly was asked what she had, Caden popped up out of NOWHERE and yelled, that's right, yelled, "I had diarrhea!" Yes, he did. Right there while friends and strangers ate. Oh well, he's 6. He's allowed.


Pattycakes said...

Im glad you blogged what Caden yelled. But to all of you who are just reading this, being there in person, it was way funnier! Got to just love Caden!

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

I gotta agree with Patty. Actually hearing Caden say it was hilarious!! From the mouth of babes, kids say the darndest things :)