Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Code Yellow!

See the sign? North Pole Middle School Welcome to North Pole! Don't mind the police cars and firetrucks. And the k-9 unit, well that's routine here.
Our town's tween population, to include my 6th grade son, spent 4 hrs locked in their classrooms today during a "Code Yellow" bomb threat. All part of a larger plot around our town. A bank robbery, placement of a suspicious package at one post office and and alleged bomb threat at another.
Uh, Hello! Its the middle of no where in the most desolate state in our country! Where are you going to hide - the ice park?
And who locks a few hundred children in a building that may have a bomb? Really, does it make sense? Okay, to the Bones or CSI mind it does, but not to a MOM!
My youngest son seems to be the most affected. He is 6 and insisted on having our dog "sweep" his room before he went to bed. He said, "Doesn't he [whoever did this] know that if he had a wife she would be very scared for her kids?" I love him!
I just got the oldest to bed, after 11p.m. When he got home, he played hockey in the garage right away, then played his guitar, then played loud music in his room. He took some time to fight with me about whatever he could think of. And then, he took a hot shower and finally relaxed enough to say that it was scarey, and girls were crying everwhere. He felt especially bad for his English teacher. It was her birthday today and she has a new baby waiting at home for her. His empathy toward her was very touching. I knew today's event at the middle school was most likely a diversion for the bank robbery, but it was completely nervewracking!
We had a great support unit and people calling, emailing, and fixing us dinner. Thanks Everyone!

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Pattycakes said...

I love the comments on the newsminer online page.....too funny. I almost posted about this too... very scary situation for the kids and for us parents!