Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oh April

Birthdays ~ Spring ~ Easter!!!
This year I decided AGAINST baskets. They always sit around full of candy no one will eat for months after Easter.
This year I went with jars full of gum, jelly beans, peanutbutter M&Ms, and Recess.  Even the grass was edible!

Caden after he found his Jar and new movie.  Simplicity at its finest!

Carly and her jar with We Bought A Zoo!  She looks so sleepy but didn't wake up till almost 10!

"Caden stay right there!  Wait . . . Right There . . . I want a picture."
We were playing Hot and Cold while he tried to find his special egg.  He had NO clue he was holding it.

The vein-y egg.  We had fun cracking the hard boiled eggs and then dying them in plastic baggies with veggie oil and dye.  Fun Fun Fun!

Morning Birthday Girl 4/2/2012!
Our animal print lanterns that hung from the ceiling with lights inside for her birthday party.

The fun animal print cake I made for Carly.  It was a  pink lemonade cake with cotton candy icing between the layers finished off by some sugar sheets and million year old piping I had in the cupboard.

Her party crew of 14 for the party . . . 
. . . 10 spent the night.

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