Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Meatballs again

Yes, the time is coming for another Meatball Friday.  Its been awhile since we had one . . . its been nice.  Don't get me wrong . . . I love the house full of food and folk, but it is so expensive.  This time we got a little help from the North Pole Baseball team with the supplies.  Someone provided us with Moose Meat ~yay!~  and we are getting help with napkins and plate, then someone pitched in money for more of the meat.  The veal and pork are expensive - 6$+ a pound and we'll need 4lbs each.  Then we half to add to that all of the rolls we'll need and all of the gas used in shopping for all of this.  Whoa, I'm exhausted just thinking about it and all of the cleaning that goes with it - and I hate being reminded to clean . . .

Today was Carly's honor roll ceremony.  For third quarter she made the B honor roll again.  It is always such a great thing because I know how hard she works to overcome her learning disability and succeed.  She is continuously looking for recognition from her teachers about this.  They give out awards at the end of the ceremony for kids they feel are the best in some way.  Oh, how I'd like her to earn this based on how hard she works through her struggles in order to get her B's.  They don't seem to see it that way though and they give the reward to the same ELP straight A students as always.  If your child has ever struggled, you know what I'm talking about.

Easter was fantastic.  Haanah and Phil grilled a prime rib - ohhhhh my was that amazing.  Hopefully we will have many more years of beef for Easter!  mmmmmmmm

My eyes are getting sleepy and I'm ready to drift off . . .
nitey nite folks!


huda said...

nice post
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Amanda said...

We did a roast for Easter much better then the same old ham.